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As You Know My Name Is Hillary. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Well 1 of my brothers is my BROTHER FRUM ANOTHER MOTHER! They are Shawn(28), Amy(24), Will(23),  Kristy(21) and I'm The Youngest!I love hockey, shopping, movies, guys, takin photos, parties, sendin e-mails, sleepovers, dancing, music, karaoke, TV, PS2, slippers, and hangin wit my awesome best buds!


White Chicks Rox!
Gotta Watch It!
"I'm So Frickin Pissed! First Of All Doctor Dorfman Totally Messes Up My Nose Job. I Told Him To Make Me Look Like Gwyneth Paltrow, And I Come Off The Surgery Table Looking Like Fricken Shrek!And Now Mr.Harper Makes Me Feel Like Some Kind Of Dumb Blonde With Fake Boobs!OMG I'M Gonna Have A BF!" LOL! 

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