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Ashlee Simpson


Ashlee started studying dance when she was opnly 4 years old, and at 11 she became the youngest person ever to be admitted to the School Of American Ballet. It wasn't long that she became dancing professionally. She was dancing in the background for her big sis Jessica.
        In 2001 Ashlee began acting in small roles such as in Malcom In The Middle, and Even a part in The Hot Chick. She got her big break when she starred in Seventh Heaven. That part showed that Ashlee could really  act but it didn't change the fact that she actually wanted to do was sing.
        In 2003, Geffen Records signed her to a music deal and Ashlee began working on her first album immediatly. Because Jessica was having so much success on her reality TV show "Newlyweds" Ashlee decided to do the same with her new reality show"The Ashlee Simpson Show"
        When the album called Autobiography was finally released in July 2004 it went straight to number 1- a feat her big sister Jessica was never able to accomplish.


Date of Birth: October 3,1984
Education:School Of American Ballet
Born In: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Singer/Actor
First Professional Role: Acting As Simon Camdens Love Interest On 7th Heaven